lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015


Standing, in front row, with his eyes open wide and unable to stop moving… Andy would give anything for being invisible and be able to cross the velvet rope, climb into the plane’s cockpit, turn it on, throttle and ride the air, feel the wind kissing his face, chasing the birds in their flight, going up and up until touch the sun.

But Andy was just a kid. What could he do?

He recalled the words of his father, who was beside him, holding his hand

If you want something with all your strength and you follow it, the universe will make it possible. I promise.

The boy clenched his fists, closed his eyes hoping his wish come true. He wished it so hard that everyone there, for a while, wished Andy could make his dream be real, like litten powder running towards the dynamite.

Andy could hear the litten powder’s sound burning faster and faster until…


The sound of fireworks exploding rumbled and the spectators turned back to see what was happening.

Then, Andy jumped the velvet rope and ran as fast as he could. His dream was waiting for him.

Espero que esta historia os ayude a comprender que, cuando deseas algo con todas tus fuerzas, el universo se las arregla para que se haga realidad.
Co-ganador del III International Literary Contest (Short-Stories based on Pictures) 

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